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the hot knife automatic vertical laminator


the hot knife automatic vertical laminator 

1. Hot knife laminating machine is mainly used for PET film except that it is used on the film of general OPP film. After laminating, it can not only directly enter the next process, but also has better brightness and stiffness. Exquisite packaging of paper products.
2, automatic vertical laminating machine with hot knife can do gold, silver cardboard. Many kinds of alcoholic and cosmetic packaging are widely used in various colors of gold and silver cardboard. These gold and silver cardboards are relatively expensive. With aluminum film in the hot knife laminating machine can directly film out all kinds of gold and silver cardboard, not only very good results and greatly save the cost, according to the whole sheet of paper to calculate, each save 0.8 yuan, which is very impressive A cost.
3, automatic vertical laminating machine with hot knife can also be directly made of color glue. At present, there has been a new bright spot in the field of laminating film—colored adhesive film, which has added a bright color to its lamination process. The glue that is not yet on the market has passed the trial production of laminating machines for many times at Shanghai Tianyi Company. The results are very satisfactory, and it has perfectly achieved various technical indicators.
This is a color proof that can be obtained without the need of printing on a white card. Manufacturers of color glue used their newly developed glues of various colors to be tested and trialed at Shanghai Tianyi Company. After repeated trial production of three types of glue (red, blue and black) by Tianqi hot knife vertical laminating machine, the colored prototypes passed the appraisal and certification of experts in the industry, and they all agreed that this is a new kind of complex. Membrane technology has opened up new space for the field of laminated film and it is recommended to promote it.
Second, lamination equipment slitting method
The first slitting method on the laminating machine is to drill holes on the laminated product and then pull it off by pulling force. This method is widely used in early manual laminating machines. This is also the most primitive slitting method. The speed of lamination is slow and it is only suitable for manual laminating equipment. The second slitting method is to cut a notch on the laminated product with a fast rotating knife and then pull it off. This slitting method can be used on an automatic laminating machine but the slitting of the laminated product is not enough. Accurate, but also prone to waste, not the ideal cut. The third kind of slitting method is to use “chain knife”. The entire chain knife mechanism is inclined on the slitting part of the laminating machine, which not only affects the aesthetics of the laminating equipment, but also has tail membrane and broken film after slitting. Thick paper and tail membrane are more obvious, which has an impact on the next process (some die-cutting machine packaging products are further processed after lamination). The fourth method is the world's most advanced cutting technology - hot knife cutting.
Hot knife slitting advantages: This slitting technology is suitable for all films, especially PET film, aluminized film, etc. It is characterized by: high slitting speed, accurate slitting, no tail film, can smoothly enter the next procedure without the need Add more labor. This slitting laminating machine is suitable for high-end carton packaging, such as high-end wine, cosmetics, high-grade nutritional supplements and food packaging.
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